Training on AI, ML and more

We provide professional training on Artificial Intelligence. Our training can take place both online and in-person. 
Our aim is to spread knowledge about AI, showing its practical applications in the business world and thus facilitating its adoption by companies.

Our approach to teaching

Our training offer is various and can be customised according to the participants needs (time availability, industry, prior tech knowledge, etc.).
Our approach to teaching is based on learning by doing. This means that we offer theoretical and practical modules, in which everyone can apply what they have just learned.
The training is available in Italian and English.

More details

We usually offer two-day courses. The two days of training are structured as follows:
- six hours of lectures and practical exercises;
- one hour entirely dedicated to any question the participants may have.

Learn more about the first day topics

Unit 1 – What Artificial Intelligence is (and what it is not)
Unit 2 – Why and how should one introduce AI in their company
Unit 3 – What about people?
Unit 4 – Microsoft Office Copilot
Questions & Answers

Learn more about the second day topics

Unit 5 – Generative AI tools
Unit 6 – AI, language and translation
Unit 7 – Individual assessment
Unit 8 – Developing customized AI applications
Questions & Answers