Global scenarios are changing at an unprecedented speed, as is the amount of information and documents that companies must manage. In this context, AI is a great ally.
However, AI solutions are often implemented by specialists with excellent IT skills but a limited understanding of the business world and its needs.
Here at Nexit, by contrast, we combine AI and Cloud expertise with a considerable knowledge of the corporate world. This allows us to develop AI solutions that scale low-value tasks, turn data into resources, and enable us to better understand the current performances and predict the future ones.

Technology transfer

Our solutions are delivered in technology transfer mode.
This means that:
1. we also transfer our know-how, i.e., years of research and development;
2. we hand over the source code and guarantee you total independence;
3. our solutions are easily integrated with most of the applications and systems in use;
4. you can keep your data secure and within your company.
With Nexit technology transfer, you will become the owner of these technologies. You will receive over time all the new capabilities that we will develop.
In other words, it will be like having a specialized AI lab at the service of your company.

Use Cases & Solutions

Here is a list of the solutions we provide:

There is one use case that is still missing: yours.

Artificial Intelligence can provide solutions to many problems hardly addressed by traditional tools. That's why we love to gather suggestions and requests from anyone who perceives slowdowns and obstacles in their business ecosystem.

Do you have an idea? Contact us, and together we will evaluate what AI can do for you!